Do Landscaping Companies Charge Per Visit, Monthly or Seasonally?


When looking for a landscaping company, one of the greatest concerns is the amount you’ll pay for the service. Some companies will charge per visit and others on a contract basis depending on the number of times you want them to work on your yard. Still on the charges, how established a yard company is will also come into play with the more popular companies charging more for their services.

Here are some of the factors that will affect the amount you’ll pay for landscaping services:

1. Contract Type

Flat rate: You can agree with the landscaping company on a flat rate for several months. For instance, you can enter into a 12 months contract through which the landscaping company will ensure that your yard is in its best condition.

Per visit: If you don’t want to work on a contract basis, you can pay for landscaping services each time the landscaping experts work on your yard.

Hourly Basis: You can also pay on an hourly basis which you’ll have agreed before the service is provided. At the end of each visit, you’ll pay the landscaping company for the number of hours they spent working on your yard.

2. The Tasks Included

All-Inclusive: for this, the landscaping experts will handle all yard maintenance tasks. They will mow, fertilize, apply measures to prevent pests and diseases, weed, remove leaves, water during winter, and irrigation, among other tasks. With this option, you’ll have the confidence that the yard care company will leave your yard looking its best every time they visit.

If you don’t have time to handle some of your landscaping needs or you don’t have the know-how, an all-inclusive agreement will work best for you.

Per Service: if you find that an all-inclusive yard care service is too expensive, you can agree with the landscaping company to pay per service. You can pay the yard experts to only mow and weed which is all they will do when visiting your home at .

Though per service is affordable, the services will not be comprehensive and some parts will still look bad even after the yard care company visits your home. For this reason, some companies will not agree to be paid per service as their main interest is to have your entire yard looking good.

3. How Established the Yard Care Company is

If you seek the services of a more established company, the amount they will charge will be higher compared to the amount an upcoming company will charge. You should be careful not to hire a yard expert simply because his charges are very low. Ensure that the yard care expert can deliver the results that you want before the job begins to avoid getting disappointed.

4. Frequency of Service


If you want the yard experts to work on your yard four times per year, the cost will be higher compared to the person who’ll only need the services twice. It is important to note, however, that very few visits may not do much for your yard. Depending on your location, the yard care company should advise you on the right frequency that will keep your yard looking good.